Powerhouse dreams to be a place where people can find love, encouragement and meaning for their lives. Powerhouse is a place where people matter, come as you are and be yourself!

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Small Groups help us build community

Why wait until the weekend to meet? With ‘living life together’ being one of our goals, we meet as small, close-knit groups to talk about life, the world, faith, well, just about anything! Small groups are also a great place to bring your questions so join one (or more) as we dig into the Bible over lively discussions.

Home Groups

We meet at different locations during the week for a time of food, fun and fellowship. Here, we talk about what we’re learning in life, discuss the Sunday sermon and study the Bible together.

As of now, we meet at:


Sandeep – 9884657854

Anna Nagar East 1

Timmy Madhukar – 9840032187(SMS)

Anna Nagar East 2

Joy – 9840798734(SMS)


Vinitha – 9840524035

Pallikarnai (Ladies Bible Study)

Suganya – 9840952028(SMS)


Arun – 9787115195(SMS)


Priti – 9790920578(SMS)

Get in touch for more information, or contact Joy (9840798734) if you wish to start a new home group.

 Life Groups

Want to start a Bible study at your school, college, or workplace, but not sure how to go about it? You could use our resources, get help for special sessions, or even have our team conduct it. The idea behind life groups is to let those we do everyday life with know that God loves and accepts them just as they are. Contact Steve (9176404102) to let us know how we can help.

 Study Groups

Sometimes it’s tough to understand the Bible or stuff Christians talk about. So putting aside all the Christian jargon, we explore the faith’s foundational teachings in non-threatening study groups. If you have questions like ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘What is grace?’ and ‘Why should I be baptised?’, these groups are a great place to find answers.